About Ctrl Alt Zen


CTRL ALT ZEN provides a partnership based on hope, conviction, and tangible results. We stand beside you, not as the ‘Sage on the stage’ but as the ‘guide on the side,’ facilitating your path to a rejuvenated life. Let us help you press your own CTRL-ALT-DEL, resetting your life with a renewed sense of purpose and well-being. Together, we can embark on a journey of renewal, embracing the potential for a healthier, more fulfilled existence.

Who are we?

“We are what we repeatedly do, success hence is not a by-product of confidence but of habit.” To create success through our work, lifestyle, relationships and spirituality is then considered as the ‘Primary’ food we consume. And the ‘Secondary’ food becomes the food we eat from a plate. Every single aspect that we consume as a habit creates our now and each ‘NOW’ moment is eventually stringed as our life events is the philosophy behind ‘CTRL ALT ZEN’ her venture.

Payal chose to be on the path of health, well-being and a coach to contribute and help people change their ‘NOW’ moments so that they can string life of their choice and create their own success.

All four elements of – Fire (sunlight/energy), Water (liquids/hydration), Air (oxygen/breath) and Earth (food/nourishment) – and how we consume it creates our path of health and wealth.

Payal’s journey through MBA, media corporate career, an entrepreneur, mother of a child who has had to fight multiple battles, urged her to connect spirituality and other modalities to food and create a sustainable source of strength, vitality and energy.


The Dazzling Monk

The wisdom of a monk is aspirational not because a monk knows it all or better but the monk has reached a place of calm and Zen through the learning of life lessons. Internal peace, strength and aptitude to take on the world without having to give up the worldly pleasures is the kind of spirituality we seek but don’t know where to find. Armor it with the understanding, discipline and resilience of balancing your nutritional needs and you have the best of both worlds. A dazzling aura as your external beauty and health and the level of inner Zen & enlightenment to aid your inner beauty and health. The right balance of your primary and secondary food to get the best out of the circle of life.

This is a six-month coaching program where you get to analyze every aspect of their life and how it impacts your soul, body and mind along with the nutritional discrepancies and how bringing balance in even one can make a massive cascading impact in the rest of the spheres. To be hand held through this journey despite the seasons, occasions, joy or stress helps create a new level of understanding of the what’s and how’s. An experience bringing about life changing breakthroughs eventually will be the secret sauce for creating and converting one into ‘the dazzling monk’ – aura of a star and Zen of a monk!

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Becoming a Functional Medicne Practitioner has completely changed the way I take care of myself and I would love to share that with you!

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