Payal Mahapatra

Functional Medicine Practioner

About Payal

Payal Mahapatra is a functional medicine practitioner and health & wellness coach. She has a demonstrated history of working in the health, wellness and fitness industry. Payal is accreditated by the School of Applied Functional Medicine (SAFM). She is also an alumnus of the prestigious Institute of Integrated Nutrition (IIN). Payal is also a certified NLP practitioner accredited by Richard Bandler’s association. Payal comes from an educational background of biochemistry and MBA.

Payal has customized programs tailored for different chronic illnesses and lifestyle related health issues as she works with individuals as well as corporates in their employee wellness programs.

Payal has a prior background of working extensively in the media and communication industry with experience in Digital marketing and Marketing Strategy in Organizations like Star TV and BBC.

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