90 percent of an individual’s health is determined by social, behavioural and environmental factors. Only 10 percent by medical interventions.

An individual spends a major chunk at work and that makes a massive impact on their health. It’s important to build collective awareness so that all employees have similar health goals along with the organisation to have a better future which can only help the entire workforce as well as the organisation to grow as a healthy family.

The role of a health coach fits in perfectly since they can hand hold the process with the organisation to make conscious decisions regarding health and wellness while the employees benefit and in return give back to the organisation with more healthier efforts.

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The CIO Klub & CrowdStrike Webinar

The CIO Klub Chennai and CrowdStrike collaborated this time for taking the message of wellness to a different set of participants during the Covid 19 pandemic. It was a...

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Elite CISOs & CrowdStrike Webinar

Elite CISOs and CROWDSTRIKE took the opportunity of the stay-at-home mandaté during the COVID 19 pandemic to create awareness for their partners and associates through an...

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Elite CISOs – Delhi

Mind over matter! That was the underlying emotion at my August 2019 corporate event . Most high flying execs make various excuses for not taking their health seriously but...

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Proficio – Singapore

June 2019 gave us this amazing opportunity to speak to the wonderful team of Proficio, Singapore. The discussion was interesting not just because it was Proficio’s monthly...

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ACPL Systems – Gurgaon

ACPL was the perfect pick of April! Vishal and Aarti not only got their Gurgaon office to attend but their Mumbai and Bangalore offices chimed in too! The engagement,...

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Trend Micro – Singapore

March 2019 was when I had the honour of doing one more corporate health and wellness session and this time it was in Singapore. Trend Micro is a very health focused...

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SAT – Sri Lanka

Month two of the year and I have been blessed with another event to pay my gratitude towards. Had an enriching session with the employees of SAT Sri Lanka. Every corporate...

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UFO Digital Moviez

This year has begun with a lot of progress and blessings. I got a wonderful opportunity to speak to the employees of UFO digital cinema through an initiative called ‘Rubaru’...

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