How to Meet a Better You in 2020

Dec 26, 2019 | Connection, Health, Procrastination

As we are winding down to the last few days of the year and this decade, it’s time for reflections, resolutions and reincarnations. It’s the end of an era and beginning of a new one.

My question to you here is, ‘what is it that you know you should be doing but are not?’

Take a moment and read it a few times. Let that thought stay with you.

  • What feelings are bubbling to the fore?
  • What ideas are brimming but you are trying to shut them down?
  • What is that nagging desire that you are not able to rid yourself of?
  • What are those crazy thoughts that give you nightmares or fill your days with delusion?
  • What fear do you carry of winning or failing at any of those?

As you sit with this in a meditative trance, what do you think you will lose out on, if you don’t act on those thoughts? Are you ready to sacrifice yet another year, few years or yet another decade not making progress, taking effective steps to fulfilling those dreams? Yes, those same ones that you know you should be doing but are not!

It’s very easy to continue with the humdrum, not rock the apple cart, maintain that status quo but do remember it is equally painful. It’s painful to lose time, it’s painful to live in regret, it’s painful to know that you are capable of change, yet you continue to be where you don’t want to be the most.

Everyone keeps advising on what you should do better or differently to make your life, that dream life, but no one ever tells you how to stop doing the things that are actually sabotaging that mindset of inaction.

According to me, there are 5 simple things to avoid/stop if you want to break that pattern. They are:

  1. Stop losing your mind over what others think of you and your goals.
    Just shut that negativity out be it your parents, spouse, colleagues, friends!
  2. Stop blaming others over your inaction.
    You didn’t do it because you are scared, worried or stressed out. It’s got nothing to do with anyone if you don’t know what to prioritize.
  3. Stop living your days like a headless chicken.
    The more you avoid setting an intention to your days, the more time you lose doing nothing.
  4. Stop living the way others want you to live.
    Everyone around you wants a compliant and docile person to follow their blueprint of life. But remember that this is their blueprint, not yours!
  5. Stop being a BITCH to yourself.
    Yes, we are the hardest critics of our own selves and half the times we self-sabotage. I should use this for myself too. So many days go by where I stall my work thinking it’s not good enough or it’s not worthy.

So, my dear friend, please get out of that ancient head of yours and center your breath towards your heart. Be present and now tell me again, what is it that you know you should be doing but are not?

  • Do you want to quit your job and follow a different career path?
  • Do you want to go for that new role in the office but are scared that you might fail?
  • Do you want to end your relationships? Or may start a new one but fear to commit?
  • Do you constantly feel overwhelmed and need to take a break?
  • Do you struggle with your health, sleep, diet, weight but are not trying enough? Or don’t know where to look for help?

What does your gut feeling say? Are you able to focus on it clearly and have a vision of what 2020 looks like? Are you ready to resurrect, reinvent and reincarnate yourself all over again?

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