Money – The Double Edged Sword

Aug 30, 2018 | Education, Finances, Health

My relationship with money has been a little twisted. When I was in middle school I always dreamt about money in terms of being empowered to do more for the world. How it will help me, help others! I always saw it as a means to create change, despite growing up in a high caste Brahmin (Priest) family that taught me “money is the root cause of all evil” and being rich is a bad thing since it denotes you have earned it through questionable means.

I am sure we have all heard that before and some have it as a core belief in their hearts.

It’s not the power and it being corrupted that money provides but the unclear understanding of what true value money gives or has.

Just because someone has more money doesn’t mean they can eat 10 meals in a day since you have only one stomach the size of your fist. If they can buy more beds, can they sleep in multiple beds at the same time?

Now why am I talking of money in my health coaching practice? Because somewhere along the way we have forgotten the unique power that money gives us.

The right to say no!

How? You can vote for your health & well being with money, the same way you vote for your country with money. If you invest in what is truly valuable, only that will grow.

It’s important to understand that earning money should make you more capable in terms of getting the right to choose. If you don’t want the tobacco industry to grow then the simplest way is to not buy it. You don’t want the sugar industry to thrive then stop buying sodas and cupcakes.

The more people say no to with their money, the better environment we create of our choice.

In today’s times it’s very easy to attribute all malaise on earning thatubiquitous money.

But before you play the blame game, have you thought of how you spend that money in the first place? Itswith sleepless nights, under-nourished body, fatigued mind, lack of spiritual connection and failed relationships that you have paid with, to earn it.

So please use that hard earned money to regain what’s valuable, albeit slowly.

Buying a mochacinno from Starbucks or a double mac from McDonalds in not abusing your physical being but everything along with it.

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