Searching and Learning is Where the Miracle Process All Begins

Jan 8, 2019 | Education

In the last 10 odd years and specifically since my photography venture went dormant, there was always a certain restlessness that I couldn’t shake off. Neither could I reach the bottom of it to understand what brought that on! I was constantly hungry for more.

I was a pretty straight kid in my growing up years so I had missed out on a lot of social life. Was that the reason? I tried making friends, partying, socializing more. That did work for some time and yet there was this emptiness. Then came along travel which I love, and I felt fulfilled when I explored unknown territories, met interesting people, ate unique food and yet I was hungry for more.

I decided to pick up a new language, revived my dance, dabbled in gourmet cooking, got myself a trainer to improve my fitness while being passionately involved in my husband’s career. But there was a part of me still seeking more.

What could it be? What was this thing that never let me be? Why couldn’t I just sit back, relax and enjoy what I had?

I was always busy. Doing a thousand things to justify me. It would bother me when I was judged for not having an active career, immediately evaluating my self-worth through earned income. And then I dissolved myself into the rigmaroles of moving into a new country. All of a sudden, I lost my old comforts, my favorite coffee joints, restaurants, friends, acquaintances. I was grappling badly since I couldn’t find my anchors, till something very unique and interesting happened one December. Synchronicity struck and the true doorway to what I had been missing opened.

Would you like to take a guess? What has all of this or any of this got any connection with what I am trying to say through my health portal? The dots were all there, but I hadn’t learned how to connect them.

It was learning. It was education. Yes, I have several degrees from college and universities but I wasn’t acknowledging, applying and living the learnings that I had since then. The invaluable education that transforms lives through action and assimilation was the missing link. I discovered that when I got myself a coach who got me in touch with myself.

In life, many times we forget the role of true education and learning. To learn how to apply those learnings brings true growth. True growth means progress and progress leads to happiness. And what is happiness if not good health and good sense?

So, all this while I was gathering skills without truly understanding its impact and the moment, I realized it, I became like a little kid in a candy store. The excitement, amazement, and enthusiasm of how much I can learn, how much I can evolve and how much I can contribute through this new-found sense of education.

So, it’s yet another year, a year of a million possibilities. Maybe you have had a few successes last year, maybe a few setbacks. What did that teach you, what did you learn, what can you apply and what can you act upon?

Knowing isn’t enough, taking action is. Have you found yourself slipping into a realm where you know what you should be doing but are not able to?

Let me explain this better with my favorite example.

Last year, let’s say you had a health setback. You got your blood work done and there were a few results you weren’t too happy with. You probably promised yourself that you will take charge, get to the bottom of it and resurrect your health. Maybe you encountered someone who could help. But as days melted into weeks and months, you started losing the grip of what you had learned about your health. You couldn’t use the education assimilated through the setback. You didn’t take the required action. Your health stopped progressing into a better version and here you are still fighting that unhappiness.

Education is not that degree on that wall. It’s not just something that you are graded for. Its genesis lies in evolvement. Every day you evolve into someone who can be better than yesterday. It’s not a destination just like your health. It’s about the journey.

Education happens every day. Learning happens every day. Growth happens every day and that’s how you embody “Be Better Everyday”.

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