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What the Gut?!

As I just wrapped up my gut health certification with a perfect score, it made sense that I share a little about my personal journey on how my gut health changed and...

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Elite CISOs – Delhi

Mind over matter! That was the underlying emotion at my August 2019 corporate event . Most high flying execs make various excuses for not taking their health seriously but...

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Proficio – Singapore

June 2019 gave us this amazing opportunity to speak to the wonderful team of Proficio, Singapore. The discussion was interesting not just because it was Proficio’s monthly...

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ACPL Systems – Gurgaon

ACPL was the perfect pick of April! Vishal and Aarti not only got their Gurgaon office to attend but their Mumbai and Bangalore offices chimed in too! The engagement,...

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Trend Micro – Singapore

March 2019 was when I had the honour of doing one more corporate health and wellness session and this time it was in Singapore. Trend Micro is a very health focused...

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SAT – Sri Lanka

Month two of the year and I have been blessed with another event to pay my gratitude towards. Had an enriching session with the employees of SAT Sri Lanka. Every corporate...

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UFO Digital Moviez

This year has begun with a lot of progress and blessings. I got a wonderful opportunity to speak to the employees of UFO digital cinema through an initiative called ‘Rubaru’...

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The Career Crisis Myth

Is this your typical day? It’s a week day morning. The alarm went off, you hit the snooze button. Went into this so-called ‘deep sleep’ only to realize that you overslept....

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