Reviews from our Clients

Country of ClientSantoshi Jain

Ctrl Alt Zen – Be Better Everyday is your perfect place.. Payal can identify the exact cause and heal the body inside out with brilliant changes while keeping in mind the mindset of an older Indian parent and what they’re used to and comfortable with.. Do plz holler at her at least initially to get a feel and the fact that she is an Indian woman with international experience makes her even more of a go getter.. I’ve yet to work with a colleague in the same space who is as empathetic and understanding..

Country of ClientTeam, MothersonSumi Infotech & Designs Limited

Thanks Payal for your time you given us to conduct this session for Leadership team. It was wonderful, Insightfu session. All of us found your session really helpful and enlightening. Tips and knowledge shared for our wellbeing is commendable.

It was a really enlightening session and thanks for sharing amazing tips on wellbeing that shall definitely help us to lead a good balanced life.


Country of ClientV.Sendil Kumar, Vice President IT at Shriram Value Services, CIO Klub Chennai – Head

Payal Mahapatra, Health and Wellness Expert, gave a simple but vibrant session on how we have to spend ourselves in this lock down. She gave tips for resetting our mind and wanted us to concentrate on good nutrition, proper sleep and to do simple exercises.

She advised what to eat and what not to in this pandemic and she also gave few ideas on how to manage the stress. Thanks to Payal for a healthy session, it was really wonderful!

Country of ClientBhupendra Pant, CIO and GM – IT, Oman Trading Establishment Group

Great job with the webinar on Securing Wellness!
Please accept my sincere appreciation.
It was really informative, inspiring and extremely timely.
Your crisp presentation covered everything one needs to do for a good mind, fit body and right actions during the lockdown and beyond.
The simple tips shared on staying hydrated and sleep well are so important.
I have shared these with my colleagues and friends for their benefit.
Looking forward to your upcoming webinars.

Very timely and inspiring webinar… Nice mix of tech , health and wellness.. thanks

Country of ClientVivek Ahuja, Director IT – MEA & India at IDEMIA

Payal, thanks it was really good and not a repeat of the last session you conducted for EliteCISO’s @ Maurya.. thanls a lot and thanks to Baljot Bhatia, Jagdish Mahapatra & Vikas Arora for setting this up!

Country of ClientBaljot Bhatia, Regional Sales Manager, CrowdStrike, Australia

Thank you Payal for taking time out and helping us understand the importance of food, minerals & vitamins and what to have during these tough times which will help us build immunity. We never knew that stress can mean during these times. Thanks for explaining all these so well.

Country of ClientAshok Kumar, Director, Elite CISOs

Payal Mahapatra your talk was mesmerising. I noted down every word you spoke and trying to follow it. Though difficult initially but started seeing the results. trust me. Lot of things I could correlate with whatever little I know of Ayurveda and Spirituality. You are doing an exceptional work, though world is short of one Astronaut or Astro physicist. We all were destined to be benefitted with you knowledge. Blessings

Country of ClientManikant R Singh, CTO, Elite CISOs

To create wealth we need health. It was a wonderful event, well organized and articulated. You explained things in a simple way yet practically possible. We look forward for such programs in future too. I recommend these programs for all Corporate & HR leaders.

Country of Client Proficio Team

The session was good and gave more insights on being healthy and well-being. We enjoyed the session overall. Thank you!

Country of ClientAlex Tok, Managing Director

On behalf of everyone at Proficio Singapore, I want to show our appreciation and say thanks to Payal for an extremely informative and insightful session to introduce Health and Wellness to Proficio.

Our industry is a hectic and stressful one. As such, the ability to pay attention to our health and mental well‐being becomes even more important. Payal has done a great job imparting her knowledge and sharing her experience on the matter despite such a short introductory session. I am proud to say that our team now has a much better understanding and are taking steps to improve their wellness.

Thank you Payal and your team at Ctrl Alt Zen and we look forward to conducting more of such sessions in the future.

Country of ClientAarti Bindra, Managing Director

We want to extend our gratitude for conducting the session on Health and Wellness on 18th April’ 19. At APCL we are in constant high pressure environment and health at lot of times takes the lower priority. Your guidance on how to take small steps which helps us in ensuring we are not compromising on the health. Your tricks and tips of ensuring the energy and attitude is always high has already seen high adoption in ACPL. Looking at the interest of the employees to know and learn more on this, we have circulated your visiting cards to let them get in touch with you as per their convenience and concerns.

Your session has really contributed a lot and we look forward to more such sessions.

Hope to see you again!

Country of Client Dhanya Thakkar, Vice President

On behalf of employees at Trend Micro Singapore, I’d like to extend our heartfelt appreciation for Payal’s insightful lunch session on the topic of rebuilding a balanced life.

As an avid mountaineer and hiker myself, I have always believed in living a healthy, active lifestyle. While we’re constantly bogged down by the daily demands of work, taking care of our bodies and minds, getting sufficient rest, and doing regular mindfulness exercises are equally important as attaining success in the workplace. I have personally experienced how a balanced life can beget positive change in both our personal and professional lives.

During the session, Payal delivered a fun mixture of insights supported by scientific research and relatable stories of her personal journey to a balanced life. It was a good reminder of the important things in life that we usually ignore or put on the sidelines. I believe such sessions should be initiated and practised by more corporate organisations across the country.

At Trend Micro, while we have always encouraged our employees to strive for work life balance – and most of our staff do lead a relatively active lifestyle, in and out of the office, it is still helpful to have a professional come in and share more practicable tips to leading a better, healthier, and happier life.

All the best for Payal and Ctrl Alt Zen, and we look forward to conducting more of such health and wellness talks in the future.

Country of Client Joanna Ng, Office Manager

Thank you Payal for your time in engaging with the staff from Trend Micro (Singapore) Pte Ltd during our regular Health & Wellness Talk.

Our team has gained a full insight with your sharing on wellness talk. It gives us a new approach about staying healthy and maintaining a good work life balance. After the session, it gives us a better understanding that wellness does not only rely on food diet but also our mind that allows us to do “Things within our Power”.

On behalf of the management and staff, thank you very much for your time and a good interaction session.

Country of ClientNaimish Majumdar, GM

We’d like to express our sincere gratitude for your inspiring and insightful session on health and wellness conducted at our head office in Mumbai on 15th Jan’19. We’ve received positive feedback from the participants of the session on the topics covered and more importantly the awareness created in them about what are some of the most basic and simple changes people can make to their daily lives that can lead to a much more fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.

The session could not have come at a better time for us, with the Mumbai Marathon just around the corner. Few myths that you unveiled with your years of research and depth of understanding on the subject helped the participants to a great extent.

We wish you and www.crtlaltzen.com the very best as you continue your journey of making a difference in people’s lives, thereby, not allowing the gut to leak!

Country of Client Sanjaya Padmaperuma, CEO
Sri Lanka

On behalf of all staff members at South Asian Technologies, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to you for your excellent delivery of the Health & Wellness Program held at our office in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 05th of February 2019.

Your efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of the content was well received by the audience and the feedback from them has been very positive. We are certain that our staff will seriously consider following your advice on the General Practices of Good Health and Wellness.

We look forward to working with you to have another presentation in the near future as you have been highly appreciated by your audience. Your knowledge and experience in the relevant areas was very clear and evident.

We wish you all success in this endeavors and we have no hesitation in referring your services to any other organization.

Country of Client Jagdish Mahapatra

Energy has 3 basic components. The food you eat, the lifestyle you live and the emotions you feel. Food has lost a lot of its meaning in today’s times, as it’s just a method of filling your stomach, instead of a source of energy. Junk food and unhealthy meals worked well in my busy life when I was younger but as time went on, it began to have a negative impact on my body. My energy depleted and this impacted my fitness as well. With Payal by my side, she was able to help me with food that was energy rich, fitness regimens that were meant for me and a good balance for my work life. Not only did this help me then it continues to help me now as well; my energy levels are much better, my physiology is much improved and so are my relationships. Your health and energy helps shape your thoughts and actions which in turn help you define your destiny.

Country of ClientSrabanti Ghosh

Payal has helped me overcome the stress and fatigue I used to experience since years. My blood composition level had gone way down and with the help and consultation from Payal on my diet routines, my blood composition levels (especially iron and haemoglobin) were back to normal within six months. The process also helped with unbelievable reduction in my stress levels.