The Career Crisis Myth

Sep 12, 2018 | Career

Is this your typical day? It’s a week day morning. The alarm went off, you hit the snooze button. Went into this so-called ‘deep sleep’ only to realize that you overslept. You get out of bed and rush through your routines. Get dressed worrying whether traffic has hit the train/bus/road and whether you’ll reach your work place on time.  You make the breakfast decision in a jiffy. It’s easy. You’re not hungry. So it’s easy to skip it. Maybe grab a coffee/tea perhaps?

Get through the ocean of people whether you use public transport or not only to be called onto a meeting when you thought you need a fresh cup of coffee/tea or maybe order some breakfast or bites. The meeting drags on till lunch and you are famished.  You really want to eat something nice to lift your day, so there goes the pizza/burger/biryani order with a nice drink along. You ravenously wolf it down. You are feeling good.

A short while later you can barely keep your eyes open. Only if you could take a small nap, you’d feel better!

So you grab yourself another cup of coffee (with a smoke?) only to realize that your stomach and chest seem to be on fire.

You aren’t feeling all that great but you got to trudge along and finish work somehow. Tiredness and fatigue slowly creep in and you are constantly reminded of how a glass of wine or pint of chilled beer feels.

You are good to leave for home, wade your way back through the same ocean of people you travelled through in the morning.

Finally, home sweet home! You throw off your shoes, plant yourself on the couch and switch on the telly or browse your phone. Time flies and you don’t realize an hour has gone by. You finally get back to changing and eating dinner while catching up with family, binge watching Netflix and it’s past midnight before you head to sleep.

Can you tell what, when, where things went wrong in this story?

Your whole life can pass you by with this routine and you wouldn’t realize what made you so ill all of a sudden?

Well it’s not sudden. It didn’t happen in one day. It’s not the lack of sleep that can be recovered over one weekend or a bad meal you chose to eat to make yourself feel better, its not the occasional drinking or so you think. Stop selling yourself this story that you are trying to lead a good life. Because you aren’t! One day leads to another and melts into weeks and months.

That breakfast you skipped, that lunch you ate wrong, the dinner that was had too close to sleeping hours, that water you forgot to drink adds up every day to create imbalances, sickness, deficiencies. The stress of it all further makes recovery difficult.

Then comes the myth that you need a diet or a gym membership.

Promises you make, to yourself everyday, but are okay to break these promises so easily.

Yes that career is important but that career will push you to a burn out and then instead of focusing on your professional ambitions, you will be left fending for your health.

Pick on ‘one’ thing you can correct about your life right now. Give it dedication & time. Practice it everyday. Once you feel accomplished, move to the next correction.

Rome was not built in a day. You have to live in that body for many decades to come.

Love it, cherish it, and care for it.

Progress over perfection.

Be better everyday.

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