What’s your pandemic story?

May 6, 2020 | Health, Relationships

It’s almost three months to when this story unfolded and each of us has dealt with this crisis in our own unique way. It started with dissonance, then fear, then speculation, then theories, then disdain, frustration, fear, depression and the list goes on and on.

Everyone went crazy shopping, wiping out supermarkets clean. Then came the phase of wanting to live through the lockdown by being productive. And now, almost all of us are going through the video chat, virtual conferencing fatigue. People don’t have time to eat, spend time with family, and are struggling with household chores, sleep or maintaining a schedule.

Looking for entertainment options for most holed up in their apartments and condos is drying out too.

Adding to all this is the fear, anxiety, worry and depression of salary cuts, lost jobs, dulled economy and political statuses. If you watch news you are doomed, if you don’t read up and research you are darned.

Protection, Prevention of Coronavirus Covid-19

The social distancing, physical isolation, receding funds and declining mental and physical health is only pointing towards one thing, and that is ‘how are you coping’? Who are you as a person? Someone who buckles under pressure or someone who gets into their most resourceful state when crisis hits. What’s the story you are telling yourself, about yourself? Because for once you are not alone in this. The whole world shares this crisis with you. There is plenty to learn and grow with.

Whether you are parenting or heading a team, do remember that people, within your family, your workplace, business and community are all watching you. They are learning from you. Are you greedy or needy? Are you helping or taking advantage? Are you empathetic or aloof? Do you care or pretend to care? Are you warm and compassionate or cold and mean?

Who are you?
Do take some time to reflect on this because everything is changing, and people will remember this for as long as they live. They might forgive but they will not forget.

The reason I am emphasizing on this so much is because the body is an interconnected story. The thoughts you think, the stress you process, the choices you make and the actions that follow decide how resilient your body is in fighting this pandemic. If you feed your body crap, the mind will go through crap emotions. And crap emotions lead to feeding your body more crap. It’s a vicious cycle. If you break it not only will you come out stronger, you will be harder to kill by the virus too.

Now one can conjecture that all this is fantastic in theory but how does one really do it, to make it all a reality?

Here are my top 10 steps to get and keep your pandemic story going:

  1. Keep an abundant mindset. Focus on all your assets, tangible and intangible. Be grateful that they keep you secure.
  2. Concentrate on upskilling. It doesn’t have to be something with the focus of solely earning money, but you never know how you can utilize that skill later. Plenty of free courses available out there.
  3. Reach out. To your community, friends, colleagues and even strangers (through public forums) to collaborate and offer help.
  4. Take care of your staff. Period. They are vulnerable and if you are in a position to help, you must.
  5. Be professional. Stay professional. The lockdown shouldn’t be a reason to become a slacker, go underground on your projects or just plainly botch up work.
  6. Don’t depend on alcohol to uplift your spirits. Having fun with family is different than becoming an alcoholic at home.
  7. Try to eat clean as much as possible. Be creative with the ingredients you have in your pantry to keep the most nourishing food available for yourself and the family.
  8. Ensure some sun exposure every day to maintain your body and sleep rhythms.
  9. Maintain some daily movement, either through play or chores in the house.
  10. Fix your relationship with money, friends, spouse, children, anyone/anything that matters. Take this time to clear differences and clean out energies.

So, all in all, do consider ‘how you do anything is how you do everything’ and this pandemic could just be YOUR blockbuster movie story!

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